Tonight! Club Fandango Presents: Lilies On Mars W/ Love In Elevator And More @ The Buffalo Bar
8th May 2012
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Venue: Buffalo Bar
Date: 08/05/2012
Doors: 8pm
Tickets: £5
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LILIES ON MARS - 10.30pm
Lilies on Mars weave abstract pop songs out of dreamy guitar and synth lines, hypnotic vocals and psychedelic sounds, with words of reality and words of dreams. Band members Lisa Masia and Marina Cristofalo have been friends for many years, meeting in Sardinia where they began various music projects. In May 2011 they self-released their second album 'Wish You Were A Pony'.

Love in Elevator formed in Venice, Italy in late 2001. Originally four-piece, the band developed into the honed-down trio of Anna Carazzai on vocals and guitar, Christian Biscaro on bass and Franz Valente on drums. In 2008. the band honed their sound with the help of producer, Giulio Ragno Favero. They produce thick slabs of beefed up riffs dripping with grungey goodness in saucy guitar tones, while lead singer, Anna, snarls aggressively throughout. Love in Elevator have toured Italy, France and Germany, in their own right, and have also been selected to support Shellac, Mudhoney and Meat Puppets, on their recent Italian tours.

Derby Sunshine is the solo project of Luigi Buccarello. Reverberated vocal lines, 90s beats and layered sounds. An old Wurlitzer piano, a bunch of effects, a drum machine, and a sampler. Beautiful and nostalgic pop music. Luigi Buccarello was born in Rome, February '83, but relocated to London at the age of 24. After years spent playing music in bands,he eventually found the courage to go on his own and start this new musical adventure. Derby sunshine was born in December 2011.

The Blueveils are back doing what they do best, playing their music on a stage in front of whoever wants to listen. Homegrown earthy rock 'n' roll. You will be impressed.