All Dayer 21st April Bank Hol Band Of The Day - The Traps

Countdown - 4 Days

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All Dayer 21st April Bank Hol Band Of The Day - Felt Tip
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All Dayer 21st April Bank Hol Band Of The Day - Feldspar
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i am in love
Monday 21 April @ The Shacklewell Arms
I Am In Love + The Traps + Desperate Journalist + Felt Tip + Feldspar + The Starkins
04:30pm, £5 advance
+ LONGFELLOW (on stage at 5PM)
prince vaseline
Prince Vaseline + Ltnt + Reporters + Matt Robinson
seeds & bones
Seeds & Bones + Leisure + Fran Lobo + Tom Adams
desperate journalist
Desperate Journalist + Tbc + Cheerleader
"Siamese Lover / The Convent"
[Galagos 044]
27 January 2014
£0.79 from our store
Longfellow are a South London quintet who released their emotive debut 'Gabrielle' in the summertime and supported Keane at their special Kentish anniversary show on October. Theirs is the sound of sad melodies and disconsolate keyboards being ruffled by some heroic alt.rock rallyings and their 'Siamese Lover' single is due on Label Fandango / fierce panda o ... more »
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I.this.yes + Zoo Zero + Call Her Alaska + Tbc
ill phunk
Ill Phunk + Sam Tompkins + Normanton Street + Tbc
the osiris club
The Osiris Club + Zoltan + Cremator
Desperate Journalist are two boys and two girls from North London who make a gloriously ramshackle indie goth noise with a panda-eyed bassist and a shiny 12 string guitarist and a singer who channels the chirpy I��... »
Playing The Shacklewell Arms on 21 April
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