Thursday 23rd January
Italia 90

@ The Lexington
07:30pm - £6 advance
96-98 Pentonville Road
N1 9JB

We are launching RADIO FANDANGO, not just because RADIO FANDANGO is the greatest name for a radio station ever, but because Radio Fandango is going to try and entertain, educate and inspire audiences across the country through the best in unsigned music, artist-curated shows, industry podcasts and live sessions. Coming soon!
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Moon Panda
Moon Panda coming from the distant and mythical land of Denmark, Moon Panda is ready to gently launch you into the electric currents that govern deep s... more»
Club Fandango on Thursday 6th February @ Sebright Arms »
Moon Panda Artist Profile »
Nuances -
Softer Still
MP3: £4.99
Turtle Bay -
Turtle Bay
Softer Still
MP3: £0.79
What is a digital distributor?
A digital music distributor's function is to serve as an intermediary between artists (or labels) and online music retailers such as Spotify and iTunes. Their main asset is that they greatly simplify the digital release process by being able to distribute your music to a large number of outlets and streaming services. This saves you from having to deal with every single one of them individually, and subsequently helps you keep track of the otherw...
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