Thursday 17th January
Horny Robots
Wynona Bleach

@ The Finsbury
07:45pm - FREE
336 Green Lanes, London
N4 1BY

We have launched RADIO FANDANGO, not just because RADIO FANDANGO is the greatest name for a radio station ever, but because Radio Fandango is going to try and entertain, educate and inspire audiences across the country through the best in unsigned music, artist-curated shows, industry podcasts and live sessions.
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Wynona Bleach
Club Fandango on Thursday 17th January @ THE FINSBURY »
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Shrimp Eyes
Shrimp Eyes are a fourpiece from Peckham, South London. Their agreeably angular indieswoon sound makes us think of Death Cab For Cutie and - rather tidi... more»
Club Fandango on Tuesday 22nd January @ The Waiting Room »
Shrimp Eyes Artist Profile »
Red Button -
Red Button3
Giant Party
MP3: £0.79
Welcome to the School Of Fandango
THIS is a new resource for new and emerging bands and solo artists with the aim of helping you get from your bedroom to playing your first gig to releasing your first record to building a team and an audience, and maybe one day having a hit! Indeed, many new bands are perplexed about how it all works. How do I go from playing to 'un homme et un chien' (one man and a dog for you who can't speak French) on a wet and windy Tuesday night to headlini...
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