A Discful Of Fandango
29th August 2008
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That's right! A Discful Of Fandango!
'What the bleedin 'eck is a discful of fandango when it's at home?'
Well, it's a free download compilation courtesy of our friends at 7 Digital featuring songs from artists playing at A Fistful OF Fandango @ 229 next week.
'Sounds good. How the ruddy hell do we get our mits on one?'
Everyone who buys a ticket to A Fistful Of Fandango next week will be given a copy of the latest Zine Fandango on entrance to the venue and somewhere inside the zine will be a code with instructions how to download your free compilation.
'So what you're saying is if I buy a ticket to A Fistful Of Fandango, I not only get to see 6 fabulous bands for £12, I will also get a copy of Zine Fandango for my reading pleasure AND I will get a free download compilation featuring tracks from artists playing the festival?
Too Blasted Bleedin Right!