'home Is A Love That I Miss Very Much / So The Past Has Been Bottled And Labelled With Love...'
14th February 2007
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... So sang Glenn Tilbrook back in the day when Squeeze were a regular chart wheeze, and we think we know what he was talking about. In fact, we think we think we know so clearly that the latest addition to the Club Fandango portfolio - as you may well know by now - is a brand new night called Labelled With Love. The plot is fiendishly simple: Club Fandango carelessly hands over an entire Thursday evening at the Borderline to an indie label to do whatever it bally well likes. We reckon the labels might put on three or four of the hottest current or imminent acts on their roster (with perhaps the odd appearance by an old signing or two) and a few choice DJs. But we could be proved terribly wrong. The opening night took place on Thursday February 8th and was looked after by our young friends at fierce panda, who brought you The Hot Puppies + Hush The Many + Kreeps to the live table. Next comes the turn of the brand spanking new Fleet Street Recordings not but two weeks later on February 22nd (that's next week, folks). And so it should. Because never ever before has the humble underground record label been seen as so important: the indie revolution has thrown up veritable smorgasbord of entrepreneurs and pretenders to the indie throne, so alongside the stellar stalwarts such as Domino, Wichita, Rough Trade and Chemikal Underground there now lurk Memphis Industries, drownedinsound, Abeano, Loog, Moshi Moshi, White Heat, Kids, Hungry Kids, Transgressive, Melodic, Dance To The Radio, Tigertrap, High Voltage, Label Fandango and of course many more. Throw in family perennials such as Fantastic Plastic, Fortuna POP! and all the other fervently passionate record companies armed with the initials 'F.P.' and before you know it you could well have a potential veritable tsunami of A&R talent lining up to flaunt their cheery wares. The Labelled With Love Fandango nights will be endeavouring to capitalise on all that flaunting. And Night Number Two looks very much like this:

The Borderline - Thursday 22 February 2007


Entrance (£): £8.50 on the door, or £7 advance from WeGotTickets.
Doors: 7pm -11pm

** APARTMENT have supported the likes of The Killers, The Bravery, Jimmy Eat World and, most recently, toured with their friends Boy Kill Boy, as well as headlining their own sold out shows. First single 'Everyone Says I'm Paranoid' cracked the Top 75. Second single 'Patience Is Proving' followed in July 2005. Both were on fierce panda. Now Apartment have started their own label, Fleet Street Records and released a split 10'' single with The Far Cries, where each band covered each other's songs on the b-side. Since then they've been busy bees recording their debut album, released March 2007.

** MERSAULTMUSIC are named after the great nihilist and drawing together a disparate and internationalist cast. The London-based group played their first show in November 2005. Less than a year later, they joined forces with Fleet Street Records for their debut release. Taking the three-minute-long-song as a point of departure, mersaultmusic toy with the regularities of the format. Wiry and interwoven guitars, idiosyncratic vocals, pulsing bass and man-machine drums play out a familiar verse-chorus march. Meanwhile, cyclical arrangements, frantic bursts of alien guitar noise, and canned atmospherics find their way into the mix. All this aside, the aim remains to create great rock music.

** THE FAR CRIES mix live and programmed drums with spiky, angular, riff-driven songwriting, inspired by the likes of The Breeders and The Fall. Having played dates with Hot Chip and British Sea Power, as well as supported El Presidente on their UK tour, the band is getting stronger live by the minute. They've released singles with PIAS 7, Tigertrap and Fleet Street.

** TIM TEN YEN is the young, handsome, Singing Salaryman who hits you right between the eyes with his dynamic live pop show. With only a smoke machine, the Sinister Cat and some fancy dance moves, Tim leads you through a fun-packed music mini-metropolis. Make no mistake - this is karaoke at its finest and, some say, most exhilarating.

** Fleet Street Records is THE new platform for music. It has been set up by Apartment and Jack Steven, and is here to make its mark a ???can-do?? label?Ѭ? where artistic freedom is everything and marketing strategies are?Ѭ? well?Ѭ? the Label Manager??s problem. Distributed through Pinnacle, and constructed under the watchful eye of Industry veterans, the infrastructure is one that is ready to compete with any label in the UK. Any band would be envious of Apartment??s position. They have artistic control, own their own recordings and have a label which they can release their new favourite bands. It??s the sort of label that Steve Albini would have always wanted to start out on?Ѭ? the sort of label that Sub-pop should have remained, it??s the sort of label that empowers itself and whose rogue ethic and f*** off attitude will bring a breath of fresh air to today??s stale music industry. Better still, epic guitar-crashing romantics Apartment finally release their debut album, 'The Dreamer Evasive' on it on March 5th 2007, so what better time to throw a label party?