Goldheart Assembly Headline Club Panda @ Lexington This Thursday (and The Supports Are Great, Too!!! )
23rd November 2009
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Club Panda is a monthly night brought to you by the kind beasties behind fierce panda records. A very long time ago (ie 1999) it took place at the Bull & Gate. A much shorter time ago (ie 2008) it was reborn under the auspices of Club Fandango at the 229. And then not very long ago at all it was operating out of the Dublin Castle in Camden Town until Club Fandango said farewell to that esteemed venue on September 8th 2009 and headed off into the sunset for the launch of a slew of rather ace new nights, of which Club Panda at The Lexington on the third Thursday every month is one. Phew wee. Last month The Ruling Class, Lion Club and The Louche shook the floorboards. And here is some information about Novemberé─˘s é─˛turnsé─˘é─Â
GOLDHEART ASSEMBLY (onstage 10.00pm) are a dreamily melodic sextet who have been causing a stir in the capitalé─˘s musical underground with their ace é─˛So Long St Christopheré─˘ single (Heron Recordings) and a run of frankly splendid live shows throughout 2009, including an October sell out appearance at the Borderline. Tonight is a special intimate gig which points the way towards the release of Goldheart Assemblyé─˘s debut album, due to be finished off any week now and set for release on fierce panda in February 2010.
THE COMPLETE SHORT STORIES (onstage 9.15pm) is a sophisticated seven-piece combo with sweet sweet female vocals. We think that the end result sounds something like Clare Grogan fronting Camera Obscura, but by jiminee we have been proved to be wrong a billion times beforeé─Â
THE FRANKS (onstage 8.30pm) are a South London quartet who blend a range of influences from reggae to post-punk to create a distinctive sound, whilst retaining their pop sensibilities. Or alternatively, as put it, é─˙Spiralling rhythms and soulful harmonies wash over you like a bourboin ocean, creating the mournful warmth of that last pint before a wet walk to the bus stop.é─¨ Precisely.