Army Navy Single Out This Week
7th July 2009
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Label Fandango is BACK and released Army Navy's 'Saints' on July 6th. ARMY NAVY are four young adults based in Los Angeles. When they are together in the same room make the sort of hip-shaking chord-quaking melody-making powerindiepoprock which will make any lover of Creation and Fire Records circa 1991 weep gently into the sleeve of their plaid shirt. Sounds simple right? Riiiiight.

As ever with these things the basic truth masks a welter of intrigue. For one, Army Navy was born in the Seattle bedroom of front man Justin Kennedy, who once shared vocal duties in Pinwheel. His co-singer? One Ben Gibbard, later to annex the indie masses with Death Cab For Cutie and Postal Service. Anyhoo, Kennedy moved to LA where his demos found their way to the admiring ears of one Benjamin Gaffin, who not only signed up for bass duties but also roped in composer and solo artist Louie Schultz on guitar...

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