Bloomin Eck! 2 New Label Fandango Releases Coming Soon For Your Listening Pleasure - Assembly Now & Fanfarlo
21st November 2006
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Everyone's talking about the new 007 - surely they mean the new Label Fandango single catalogue GALAGOS 007? And what's more it's out at the start of 2007 - spooky huh!? - January 29th to be precise. The band are the exquisite ASSEMBLY NOW and their two tracks are ''LEIGH-ON-SEA' / 'TENEMENT' (demo) available on strictly limited 7" and download. Hot on their heels in February Label Fandango is proud to release the equally fantastic FANFARLO. In fact you could say the the FANtastic FANfarlo on FANdango - thats three FANS in a row. Beat that I dare you. Any hoo this release will be number eight (galagos 008) and the two songs to die for are called YOU ARE ONE OF THE FEW OUTSIDERS THAT REALLY UNDERSTANDS US (on the A side) and IN THE TRUNK (on the AA side.) Lots more info on both these releases in the label section. Go there now I dare you.