Cut Off Your Hands In Nme
8th November 2007
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What? Yes - Cut Off Your Hands have had a second NME review of their single 'Still Fond', released a month ago on Label Fandango. To quote: 'Following in the yelpy, herky-jerk footsteps of The Futureheads and Bloc Party, Cut Off Your Hands have created a fizzy, skittering little firecracker of a song... honestly, what's not to love?' Perhaps more importantly, they're flagged up as the major 'Radar' band. To quote: 'Like XTC stabbing the shit out of the Minutemen with felt tips, or Dodgy (eek!) reimagined by Robert Smith and Fire Engines, theirs is an exciting, elaborate, complex pop reworking of some of the world's coolest music. Like 'Still Fond', the demented angular cousin of Supergrass' best songs.'

Woohoo! So go and buy the current issue and go 'woo', but not before you've gone and bought a copy of 'Still Fond' on Label Fandango from our little shop, or from a little local shop of your own.