My Bubba And Mi
My Bubba And Mi are three goodsounding girls with goodlooking songs. No, wait - They play 82 strings altogether, on instruments that are 329 years old, all in all. Their story is one of charm, chance & chicken, youve probably heard it before: Bubba moves into Mys house by chance, makes her sing with her. They come up with songs of their own, some kind of lullabies from the countryside. An Italian hears them, again by chance, and is struck by their charms. He brings them to Italy, with help from wwnbb. They eat chicken. They make a record, called How its done in Italy. And then go on a nice, long Europe tour with it. They are now gazing at broadening horizons. Charming ones. Their plans include: the world, the wide, the winter, good whisky, hawaiian waterfalls, (prison tours), pickling, singing lots of people - I mean lots to sleep, and (more macaroons).