Remodel are a guitar band, this is obvious by virtue of the fact they have a guitar player. They are also a pop band, but pop in the sense of bands like the Who, The Smiths and blur. Like all classic British pop bands they are a fourpiece. Frontman Mr Leigh Swinn is quite tall and dark, the sort people see in crystal balls. Always smartly attired and often caustic with his words. Guitarist Mr Mark Heffernan is small and angry. He likes noise and cricket. He is also fond of tea. Mr Adam Knight, bass, is a skyscraper, he is the young buck of the band. He uses his height to great advantage and is easily found in a crowd. Often he depends on the kindness of strangers. Mr Ian Fourie plays a mean drumkit and spends days gazing at the sky under northern clouds, prophesising the end of the world. Exiled Salopians to a man, they plough their own Elysian Fields and wait for their seeds to germinate.