5 Track EP -
5 Track Ep
Wild Cat Strike
I'm the Woods -
I'm The Woods
A. Dyjecinski
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Bubble Bath -
Bubble Bath
The Death Of Pop
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If We're Still Together -
If We're Still Together
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Rayban Party -
Rayban Party
The Death Of Pop
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Car Deborah -
Car Deborah
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Five Years -
Five Years
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North Coast -
North Coast
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September Storm -
September Storm
The Traps
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Diamond Days EP -
Diamond Days Ep
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Panda Pains -
Panda Pains
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Singles Deluxe EP -
Singles Deluxe Ep
Zulu Pearls
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Peace of Mind -
Peace Of Mind
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Lightweight -
Zulu Pearls
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Believe In Nothing -
Believe In Nothing
The New Union
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Feel Safe -
Feel Safe
Albert Gold
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Happening" / "vengeance
Desperate Journalist

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12 X 12 (Twelve By Twelve) -
12 X 12 (twelve By Twelve)
12x12 (twelve By Twelve) Celebrating 12 Years Of Label Fandango

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Diamond Days -
Diamond Days

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Imposter' / 'My Grip -
Imposter' / 'my Grip
The Traps

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Proposal' / 'Missors and Smoke -
Proposal' / 'missors And Smoke
I Am In Love

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Young and Invincible -
Young And Invincible

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Milk & Honey -
Milk & Honey
Felt Tip

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Roundabout -
The Starkins

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Siamese Lover / The Convent -
Siamese Lover / The Convent

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Miscellany' / 'J-Hop -
Miscellany' / 'j-hop
Department M

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Love Or Pity -
Love Or Pity
Felt Tip

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Organ" / "distance
Desperate Journalist

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Give Your Love To Her' / 'Kissing The Gunner's Daughter -
Give Your Love To Her' / 'kissing The Gunner's Daughter
The Hosts

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Lost Army -
Lost Army

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Sweden -
The Machine Room

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Medicines -
Ed Zealous

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Aching Bones EP -
Aching Bones Ep
Nadine Shah

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Made A List
Made A List" / "wrapped In Rhythm And Dancing Like A Loon
Dingus Khan
Do This For Me
Do This For Me" / "do This For Me (crocodiles Remix)
The Tenfivesixty
The World Is Gonna End Tonight
The World Is Gonna End Tonight"
School Is Cool
Knifey Spoony
Knifey Spoony" / "the Deathmarch Of Dingus Khan
Dingus Khan
Are You Hiding Out In Hell?
Are You Hiding Out In Hell?" / "hi Pressure
Loved Ones
Welfare State
Welfare State" / "sovereign
Teenage Sky
Teenage Sky" / "eighteen (acoustic)
Dreamboat" / "the Bears The Clocks The Bees
Hey Sholay
Actions" / "circles
Films Of Colour
"push It Away" / "waste Of Time"
Seerauber Jenny
'Whole Town's Heart' -
'whole Town's Heart'
'The Trier' / 'Pretty Boy' / 'Save me From Your Family' -
'the Trier' / 'pretty Boy' / 'save Me From Your Family'
"i Didn't Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You" / "your Affection Is Wasted On Me"
The Heartbreaks
World's End / Devil's Son -
World's End / Devil's Son
Lupen Crook
Better / Suitcase -
Better / Suitcase
Rob The Rich
Perfectly Fine Intellectual / Imogen -
Perfectly Fine Intellectual / Imogen
One Blank Channel / Farm / Release Me -
One Blank Channel / Farm / Release Me
The Complete Short Stories
Home -
Bleed Victoria -
Bleed Victoria
Bright Lights / Got A Lover -
Bright Lights / Got A Lover
Flowers / If You Wonder -
Flowers / If You Wonder
The Ruling Class
She Get It / Friday, Don't Need It -
She Get It / Friday, Don't Need It
I Can't Bring The Time Back / Serious Thing -
I Can't Bring The Time Back / Serious Thing
Misty's Big Adventure
Speak To Me Bones -
Speak To Me Bones
Land Of Talk
Johnny Negro / Ctrl Alt Delete -
Johnny Negro / Ctrl Alt Delete
Quad Riot
Song Of A Page / In Bloom (Live) -
Song Of A Page / In Bloom (live)
Hush The Many (heed The Few)
Games / Wild Birds / Valentine -
Games / Wild Birds / Valentine
The Moths!
You Are One Of The Few Outsiders Who Really Understands Us / In The Trunk -
You Are One Of The Few Outsiders Who Really Understands Us / In The Trunk
Leigh-on-Sea / Tenement (demo) -
Leigh-on-sea / Tenement (demo)
Assembly Now
Kirsten Dunst / Harlesden -
Kirsten Dunst / Harlesden
Just Abuse Me / Charlotte -
Just Abuse Me / Charlotte
Air Traffic
Finding It Hard / Never Enough -
Finding It Hard / Never Enough
Dirty Little Faces
This Town / Grow Your Own -
This Town / Grow Your Own
The On Offs
Jean Michel Jarre / One > 100 -
Jean Michel Jarre / One > 100
Terry / Love in Practice, Not Theory -
Terry / Love In Practice, Not Theory
The Hot Puppies
Label Fandango is the release process stripped to its fundamentals, inspired by the driving DIY dynamics of fresh-eared labels such as Transgressive, Marquis Cha Cha and Dance To The Radio. The slogan for our label is the eminently catchy “no frills: all thrills”, because in the true orange-arsed spirit of easyjet Label Fandango is a bring - your - own - sandwiches operation with generic sleeves, a gently unhinged disposition and a genuine passion for helping bands reach somewhere else.

It started, as most of the best things in life tend to, with a gig. In 2001 Club Fandango crept onto the London music scene on a Tuesday night in Camden’s Dublin Castle and carefully unfurled its glossy new backdrop. Four years down the line that Tuesday is a heaving maelstrom of top sexy indierock behaviour with Keane, Bloc Party, 22-20s, Death Cab For Cutie, Kaiser Chiefs, Go! Team and Arctic Monkeys all filling the venue at various points.

The backdrop is looking a bit worse for wear after over 200 shows. But then again aren’t we all? So what comes next? A record company, of course.

Pointy Records and Fierce Panda (your hosts for Club Fandango) are launching Label Fandango as a Singles Club in its purest sense, purveying thrillingly limited edition releases in black & white sleeves with the aim of breaking even and having a bit of fun with smashing new talent along the way. Pointy Records is the refuge for cosmic star chasers such as The Clientele and Flotation Toy Warning. The fierce panda recording company is the indie escape hatch for sonic terrorists such as Art Brut, Apartment, Agent Blue and other bands beginning with ‘A’. Together they are Label Fandango.

And together they have been gawping at the excesses of the corporate machine. Indie Boomtime it may be but what does that mean? £100k marketing spends for ‘80s soundalikes, hysterical TV advertising campaigns for half-baked debut albums and total catastrophe if the latest over-hyped Libertines wannabes’ second single fails to crack the top 20, that’s what. What are we doing, people? Is this really fun??

"Club Fandango is the undisputed Daddy of London's indie showcase scene" - Time Out