The Author
The Author started life on the Jersey in the Channel Islands evolving their distinctive and mysterious style of music in isolation from the mainland. A collective of weird and wonderful creatures: a cockney and Geordie song writing partnership lead the madness, with an Aussie drummer, and two Jersey natives on bass and synths. Amongst their relatively untouched and remote landscape, together they have fused the very foundations of the basic and complex indie-riff, alongside an epic and obtrusive noise of synthesisers, mixed with dance beats, creating something unique for the UK to seriously get excited about. Prepare for The Author to write the future. New single 'Household Appliance' is coming out on April 27th and they are over here from Jersey for the Camden Crawl.
Wednesday 22nd April 2009
Thursday 3rd July 2008
The Dublin Castle
Tuesday 25th March 2008
The Dublin Castle
Tuesday 23rd October 2007
Night & Day Cafe
Sunday 21st October 2007
The Dublin Castle
Tuesday 31st July 2007
The Borderline
Thursday 26th July 2007
The Author Hit The Mainland
Tuesday 7th April 2009
Sennen Out - The Author In
Wednesday 17th October 2007