Daggers formed in the closing weeks of 2005 under the name Bureau. Early demos began to surface around Manchester. Following their triumphant debut gig in May 2006, the buzz both in the music industry and with the people began to grow. Combining the gloss of 1980s pop, with the distorted atmospherics of modern indie, Daggers have quickly gained a reputation for their eclectic intelligent songwriting. Their debut single 'After Midnight' (under the Bureau name), which was released by Manchester-based label High Voltage Sounds, was made XFM Single Of The Week and ricocheted around the hearts and minds of every funk-starved beatfreak in the disco. Their second single (or is it a debut single again? We're confused), 'Money / Magazine', was released on Label Fandango on Oct 22nd.

Photo: Sebastian Matthes
Money / Magazine Money / Magazine

22nd October 2007
[ Galagos 018 ]
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