Gregg Mcdonnald
Gregg Mcdonnald is best known as the lead singer of The Dawn Parade who were one of John Peel's favourite bands. The legendary DJ played the band over 30 times on his Radio 1 show. The Dawn Parade have also have received support from Steve Lamacq, Mark Radcliffe and Rob Da Bank on radio 1 and BBC Radio 2. This grabbed the attention of journalists across the globe including Rolling Stone in the US who gave the band's self-released ep 'single of the year' in their 'Well Hung At Dawn' column. Greg has just come back from a series of successful shows in SXSW in the USA where he performed with the band and on as a solo artist. The band are about to record their long awaited debut album 'Wider Than The January Skies' and they will be release new single 'Look Ma I'm A Soldier' this month. This is a unique opportunity to see Greg stripped back to his song-writing roots and savour his genius lyrics about small Town Life and heroes in service stations.