The Shivvers
The Shivvers first low key release, 'Ghost Train', sold out in the North East, leaving many in feverous anticipation of their second release on bunkeruk records. Crafting dark, humorous tales influenced by the Velvet Underground, Joy Division and the Smiths as well as more esoteric stuff like The Seeds, Howlin' Wolf and Arthur Lee, The Shivvers have been described as 'An unhygienic display of dark charisma' (Drowned in Sound) and 'The Birthday Party meets the Smiths' (X-ray). When pressed on what makes them relevant, vocalist Ian Shone simply says 'We're relevant because we don't do space rock jams.' 'Dressed in black, they hurled punk garage sounds at the sell out crowd. The Shivvers appear to revel in the darkness as they come alive in the shadows.' - Artrocker