Neatpeople were raised in the squaddie-infested towns of Colchester and nearby Chelmsford. NeatPeople emerged unscathed and are a breath of fresh air in a Pete 'n' Kate-polluted world. Arriving just in time to stop 'pop' from becoming a dirty word, their Dexys-XTC-Talking Heads meets fellow townsmen Blur sound strikes a blow against the homogeneity of the charts and the carbon copy posturing of too-cool-for-school indie boys. Influenced by the remarkable in the mundane: 'motorways and aeroplanes and friends and boredom and trees and computers and sheds', their very English noises are the sounds of the suburbs filtered through an offbeat pop philosophy. A triumphant set at 2006's Camden Crawl was acclaimed by The Fly as 'stunning, littered throughout with lilting pop sensibilities', while XFM's John Kennedy hailed 'Essex's future indie stars'. NeatPeople's first single proper, 'Baby I'm Bored', hits the shops 25 September 06, with a remix by DJ du jour Kissy Sell Out currently scorching indie dancefloors.