Sidefields is a London based Indie project comprising eclectic flavours and diverse musical background. Drawing on inspiration from themes of urban isolation and decay, SideFields is described by the band as a space between, a no man's land or a empty grassy verge. Originally a unique mix of rock and electronica, SideFields recent materials unveil new textures rooted in Noise / Shoegaze and Surf music. With ever catchy melodies and new video being made for their track "The Night Is Ours" , while preparing for their first international tour the band continues to be a fresh and innovative force in the London scene. Members of the band include Itay Kashti on vocals and guitars / bass, Marino Donati on bass & vocals and Ed Kontargyris on drums,. Immediate comparisons have been drawn to The Cure, The National, The Raveonettes and John Cale.