Lucy Rose
Lucy Rose is an elfin 20 year old songwriter with a voice that people instantly fall for. By the age of 19 she had run away to London to lead the life of teenage troubadour, and as the spit and sawdust gigs hurried by, magical occurrences started to take place; Her gigs began to fill up with ardent fans. After Edith Bowman saw her sing at the Union Chapel she announced on Radio 1: Lucy Rose is absolutely outstanding. A brilliant, brilliant voice that girl has on her. Once her myspace acoustic demos began to attract random attention from around the world, Lucy thought it prudent to put together a five piece band in her quest for a long and prominent career arc, and so now with her swag bag of songs overflowing, her gang around her, and a determination to make a record which sings directly from the heart valves, Lucy Rose is poised to become one of the voices of the next decade.