Heypenny started as last year's grand prize winner in Arklahoma's 'Scene in a Shoe-Boxx' competition, then morphed into a well-articulated marketing class group project (B-), then spawned new life and became (of all things) the setup strategical crew for J. Lonely Farris' house project, which (who'd'a guessed) was a tremendous success, lead to... well, some "personnel changes" or "redundancies," freeing them to focus their efforts on the ever-pressing duties of "Growing Up & Staying Young," the six part mini-series which is to air on HBO in late summer (hooray, it's finally done!), through which they met Mary Marty who suggested to them that they start a band, to which they said, "Fine, be that way, maybe we will," which upon hearing Marty replied, "Fine, do it," to which they all quipped in unison, "Okay." Influences: Wilco, Beatles, Coldplay, Radiohead, Elliot Smith