Ham Sandwich
Ham Sandwich make a really strong mainstream rock noise, the contrasting male and female voices sounding particularly good. Theyé─˘ve structured é─˛Sad Songsé─˘ so well that the changes keep your interest right to the end. They know not only how to build up tension but release it as well, with plenty of light and shade. However ité─˘s length may well work against it if they try to get it played on the non-specialist radio programs in its present arrangement. é─˛Anything But Thisé─˘ is a very energetic thrash, but while ité─˘s an enjoyable bunch of punky noise it owes too many debts to other bands (including chiming U2 chord changes, not to mention a few Blondie-isms). The spirited é─˛Pints of Guinnessé─˘ is a kind of Pogues with Hank Marvin on guitar on a Johnny Cash song sung by Nick Cave. Terrific fun though making Ham Sandwich potentially serious contenders.