Simple Kid
Simple Kid returns to the scene to support his second album, 'SK2'. Irish-born Ciaran McFeely (aka Simple Kid) has veered away from the post-modern, cut and paste stylings of his groundbreaking debut album '1' for a more organic, traditional approach to songwriting and production. Despite still featuring the fuzzed-out acoustic guitar and banjo over big beats formula that jolted critics and fans on his first outing, '2' moves Simple Kid's sound toward folk with its more linear sonics and less scattered production. But never fear, Simp can still rock a party with tracks like 'Lil' King Kong' and the stream-of-consciousness dour funk of 'Seratonin.' Zanily mature in its development and scope, 2 raises McFeely's music beyond mash-up DIY wizardry and into the league of the best songwriters of his generation. [Photo: Ben Meadows] SIMPLE KID PLAYS ROOM 1.