Mexico are a London-based 4-piece guitar band, none of whom have ever been to Mexico. They recorded their debut, eponymously-titled demo in March 2006 and since then have been working up a head of steam on London's gig circuit, as well as attracting interest from countries such as Germany. They draw on a wide range of influences to create energetic, exciting guitar music with a hint of dEUS and a touch of Sonic Youth, topped off with a suitably large dose of originality. 'Mexico have the best artwork (a nice painting of a dog), and believe me, you can judge a book by its cover very well. There??s no shortage of dark, epic indie rock, but when it??s done well, you remember why. It??s classy, it??s moody, the guitars are tense and dark. We like' - Emily Mackay, The Stool Pigeon