Ivory have a sound hard to pin down exactly. Part Jungle-Drum n Bass and Hip Hop, part Garage and Breakbeat all freshened with lashings of punk, rock 'n' roll, funk, and old skool rave. Energetic, Raw and Relevant but above all, undeniably British. Ivory was born in the south London melting pot of all things cultural; Brixton. During his early school years Ivory (then, just Robin Innes) knew his musical tastes spanned beyond the burgeoning Jungle scene that he was fast getting himself involved in. As soon as he met Jason Air, (Jason had just finished producing Stevie Hyper D's album for Island Records under the moniker Dfrnt Lvls) the 'Ivory' sound began to evolve. Ivory says, 'It was quite simple really, Jason was Dfrnt Lvls with Stevie Hyper who wanted an artist to produce for. I was an MC looking to create my own sound. We vibed, made some tracks that we felt were fresh and different and took it on the road!' ???????Wolf?????? is released on Rat Records April 2006.