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Demo Policy
If you are emailing music files (mp3s etc) please send them to newmusic@clubfandango.co.uk

Send your CD demos to Club Fandango at:

Club Fandango
1s Leroy House
436 Essex Road
N1 3QP

Unfortunately we don't always have enough time to get back to everyone who sends in a demo so please be patient and if we like what we hear we will be in touch...

Please do not send demos recorded / registered delivery as if we are not in they will not get delivered.

Thank you.

Team Fandango

Organising, organ-grinding

Wistful dreaming, monkeying around

Band bookings, label sortings, new band vetting, extreme Welshness

Invoice processing, office managing, unlistenable listenings

Band bookings, website tuning, show running