The Clientele
The Clientele sound like no one else, although they are cited as an influence by bands as diverse as Spoon and the Fleet Foxes. It’s been said that the greatest bands always create their own individual sound; The Clientele have gone one further and created their own world.
Their new album Music For The Age Of Miracles is out now and has attracted rave reviews.
'This album, more than any punk tune, is the sound of the suburbs; rather than being from the suburbs, it sounds like the suburbs. If you think that’s no recommendation, just hear it. There is beauty here, and sadness, and peril, and deep, deep soul’ - The Quietus
‘What is startling is the abundance of new ideas and feeling or renewed vitality… qualities that make the songs as compelling as any the band have recorded… reunions of much-cherished acts rarely yield new music that stakes such a strong claim to the present, a fact that makes ‘Music For the Age of Miracles’ it's own kind of miracle’ 8/10 Uncut
‘the band’s ability to conjure wistful psychedelic dream-states feels oddly comforting in these beleaguered times…a misty tapestry of late-night urban idylls, laced with a rapturous melancholy magic“ **** Mojo
‘A work of lovely, floaty wonder’ **** Q
‘The Clientele return refreshed and uncannily preserved on their first album in seven years, lit up like a beacon of self-contained consistency and own-terms growth for uncertain times….Wherever you look, The Clientele’s powers to haunt and transport are miraculously revived’ **** Record Collector
'One of Britain's most fervently loved but perennially underrated bands’ - The 405

Photo: Andy Willsher
Thursday 15th March 2018
Friday 22nd September 2017
Moth Club
Sunday 18th December 2016
Islington Town Hall
Friday 23rd October 2015
The Bull & Gate
Thursday 30th September 2010
Friday 9th April 2010
The Luminaire
Thursday 19th November 2009
Bucks Students' Union
Thursday 18th December 2008
Saturday 6th September 2008
Bush Hall
Saturday 17th May 2008
Wednesday 10th October 2007
100 Club
Wednesday 21st March 2007
The Spitz
Thursday 9th November 2006
Little Heavenly Social
Wednesday 7th September 2005
Bush Hall
Wednesday 31st August 2005
The Borderline
Thursday 21st July 2005
The Water Rats
Friday 27th May 2005
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