Sky Between Leaves
Sky Between Leaves started as the late-night bedroom reveries of singer-songwriter Tito Cordeiro, which hastily evolved into a three piece band, featuring drummer Juliana Favero and bassist Brenno Balbino. The band’s name was taken from Jarvis Cocker’s story of the first time he wore glasses, realizing that the holes in the trees were in fact the “sky between the leaves”. Influenced by a wide range of genres, including Krautrock, Neo-Psychedelia and Shoegaze, the group has a distinctive sound that amalgamates Tones on Tail's doom pop beats, Can's fluidly percolating bass lines, the monolithic reverberation of My Bloody Valentine's guitars and Love & Rockets ghostly vocals. Sky Between Leaves has recently teamed up with producers Pat Collier (Jesus and Mary Chain & Primal Scream) and Brett Shaw (Daughter & Viv Albertine) for their debut single Klein Blues due in late September 2014.
Wednesday 12th November 2014
Emile Bernard
Molly Wagger
Sky Between Leaves
@ The Shacklewell Arms
08:00pm - FREE
Fierce Panda & Disorder Present

Emile Bernard 'of City' Single Launch Party