Zulu Pearls
Zulu Pearls are, as you may expect from a band who list their home towns as Berlin AND Washington DC Zulu Pearls similarly list their influences as: “DIY, ‘60s, ‘70s, Hi-8, Hip-Hop, Super-8, drinks, drugs, etcetera.” Throw in a soupcon of ever-so-subtle blue collar rock action and y’all have yourselves a combo releasing their ‘Deluxe’ EP on Label Fandango on January 5th.
Singles Deluxe EP Singles Deluxe Ep

12th January 2015
[ Galagos 056 ]
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Lightweight Lightweight

6th October 2014
[ Galagos 049 ]
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The Old Blue Last
Friday 9th January 2015
The Black Heart
Thursday 8th January 2015
The Black Heart
Wednesday 8th October 2014
The Old Blue Last
Tuesday 7th October 2014
Buffalo Bar
Tuesday 10th December 2013
Friday 6th December 2013