Plans And Apologies
Plans And Apologies are a 7-piece indie jangle-pop outfit with a twist hailing from the little known city of Derby, England. They released their debut album, 'Torn Out Pages From The Middle Agez', on Artists Against Success in January 2002. The critical response was excellent, with awarding the album 5/5 and Careless Talk Costs Lives magazine writing; 'the twee kids have got bulletproof vests on underneath their cardigans and, fuck me, it sounds good'. After two long years of hefty recording schedules, said recordings being stolen, more recording and gigs aplenty, Plans & Apologies returned with their debut EP, 'The Tree Dee Pee EP', to be released once again by the splendid AAS on April 11 2005. This was then followed by the 'Free Dee Pee EP' (a free download EP and CD given out at gigs). These releases showcase the band??s versatility, ranging in style from the quirk-pop of 'Eggbound Mutebone' to the haunting musicality of 'Brainz'. Despite the stylistic ground covered, P&A always manage to retain a uniquely poppy sensibility. Their melody, lyrics and structure never fail to grab the listener??s imagination, with their tunes implanting themselves in the mind for weeks to come. 'One of the best indie bands in the world' - Huw Stephens, Radio 1.