Hunting The Minotaur
Hunting The Minotaur are a four piece alternative indie rock extravaganza! Sickly dual guitar riffs, destructive bass frequencies and big, hard, bloody beats! APB report from Steven Sherrill: Five Thousand Years On...The Minotaur has been reported working as a line chef at Grib's Rib in North Carolina... Keeping to himself, keeping his horns down... and trying in vain to put his past behind him.... Last seen at 12.37pm taking a cigarette break and writing and re-writing to-do lists on yellow notepaper...... 'Hunting The Minotaur is a strange offering. Its a little bit electronic, a medium bit prog and a big bit atmospheric. All of this is lavishly swathed over a very indie sound. Think Muse meeting Kings Of Leon and youre getting the gist. On stage its all delivered with a faux snot-nosed indifference and, somewhat randomly, a keytar!' - PUNKTASTIC