The Jacks [northampton]
The Jacks [northampton] will release their debut single Not Me Not You on 29th June. Plundering sonics from a variety of styles and an array of genres their sound is not limited and will always evolve. Of late, some say their sound is more infectious than swine flu and that it makes you twice as sweaty. Having proven themselves on the live scene by employing immaculate attention to detail they create an impressive live show that is fizzing with energy and yet still incredibly tight. In their first year this live reputation saw them sell out the Camden Barfly on two occasions and play everywhere from London to Liverpool, leaving a trail of chorus chanting crowds in their wake. They also gained support slots with the likes of One Night Only, Newton Faulkner and Imperial Leisure, and in April 2008 they could be found in their little bus behind press darlings The Long Blondes, having managed to hustle a few opening slots of their UK tour. On the back of this The Jacks attracted the expertise of Saul Davies to produce Not Me Not You at the Fish Factory Studios in Neasden. The track was recorded live - like in the good old days. The term sound of the summer is here aptly applied; Not Me Not You, along with B-side Do Or Dont, is the perfect accompaniment to your beach barbeque, better than ketchup in fact. Twinkling harmonies and genuine sing-a-long lyrics combine with a catchy melody to create a song that gallops along faster than Black Beauty on speed. In fact, the only thing better than listening to this song on a sunny day, driving with the windows down and the sun blazing, is seeing it performed live.