Missdavinalee Born and brought up in West Harrow, Davina Lee Cooke ("I like Foals, PJ Harvey, Nirvana and rabbits") assembled her band's line-up of Roald Madland (formed his first band at the age of 10 to perform AC/DC covers), Angus Wilson (who used to write jingles for MTV) and Gareth Ashton (plays drums back-to-front) in East London in late 2007.

Sounding like a cross between the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pixies, The B-52s and PJ Harvey, missdavinalee reside snugly at the gorgeous musical intersection of warm-hearted, tail-wagging pop and darker, indie sub-punk without ever getting too serious about it all.

Wednesday 3rd February 2010
Buffalo Bar
Tuesday 12th January 2010
The Wilmington Arms
Friday 20th June 2008