Oh No Ono
Oh No Ono is a gravity-defying quintet from Aalborg, Denmark. The band was formed in 2003 by musicians all with different musical backgrounds that span from classical, country, rock and punk. Oh No Ono's debut EP 'Now you know: Oh No Ono' proves that they make pop music in its best shape. Their hard-pumping grooves mixed with catchy guitar riffs and charming melodies makes an irresistible cocktail. Oh No Ono don't give a fuck about genre and play whatever they like. Instead of looking backwards to copy the sound of a certain decade, Oh No Ono are constantly in search of something new. Some love to have their ears challenged some prefer things the way they were. This band guarantees a unique experience whether you like them or not. Oh No Ono's fanbase is quickly expanding due to concerts around the country played with confidence and infectious energy. The company of Oh No Ono leaves nothing but to surrender to the hasty beat and dance your ass off.