Art Brut
Art Brut are working towards World Peace, so anything that goes wrong is due to a plot against the band. Does British pop deserve Eddie Argos? A chart fixture in France, iconic in Germany (where his lyrics have been the subject of a lecture at Berlin University under the tile é─˛The Depressive Dandyé─˘), lionised by the cream of alt.America (Craig Finn and Jeffrey Lewis are fans) and a world class blogger to boot he is, as the NME pointed out in 2005, é─˘the new Jarvisé─˘ and so much more. é─˙Ité─˘s strange,é─¨ muses Eddie. é─˙Outside the UK people seem to find it easier to accept our songs on face value. We played in Brazil with Franz Ferdinand and all these school kids were singing é─˛Emily Kaneé─˘ to me. It really freaked me out.é─¨ Eddie may be an outsider worthy of Albert Camus, but his time is about to come.
The Bull & Gate
Thursday 8th December 2011
The Bull & Gate
Wednesday 7th December 2011
Bucks Students' Union
Thursday 24th November 2011
Saturday 12th September 2009
Night & Day Cafe
Monday 3rd October 2005
Friday 29th October 2004
Night & Day Cafe
Friday 30th July 2004
The Dublin Castle
Tuesday 25th May 2004
A Few Tickets Left!!! Art Brut / Bull And Gate 2-day Residency 7th / 8th December
Tuesday 6th December 2011
Fistful: Soon
Tuesday 1st September 2009
A Fistful Of Fandango Line Up
Friday 17th July 2009
Tickets On Sale For Future Of The Left And Art Brut
Tuesday 23rd June 2009
First Fistful Of Fandango Headliners Announced
Tuesday 2nd June 2009
Tickets Selling Fast For Art Brut's 2-day Bull & Gate Residency This Week!!
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