Small Engine Repair
Small Engine Repair are shot through with Americana but removed from copyism. é─˛Serve Yourselfé─˘ delivers twelve songs that encompass the singalong hookworm of its title track, the observational, spoken word é─˛Godé─˘s Given Up On Himé─˘ and the self-referential dark comedy of é─˛Pretty Hatefulé─˘. The understatement that permeates the tracks is decisive and deliberate, an indication of the maturity of this bunch of twenty-somethings. Instrumentation is used sparingly and intelligently throughout to create an album rich in primary melody. 'Serve Yourself' is out on the 27th Jan.
Buffalo Bar
Tuesday 11th February 2014
The Wilmington Arms
Friday 6th August 2010
The Camden Head
Wednesday 25th November 2009