Pete & The Pirates
Pete & The Pirates are bright, young commanders of a brand of unique Englishness. Pete and The Pirates blend of smooth edged punk and pop produces music which is sweet, raw, joyous, melancholic, raucous and tender. The Pirates idiosyncratic and endearing song writing puts them somewhere between the Flying Nun band Tall Dwarfs and the wistful reflection of On The Beach-era Neil Young. "a beguiling mix of all sorts of good things: the harmonies, the jaunting hummability of the Sixties beat bands the ramshackle charm of the Libertines, the singalong cheeky-chapiness of Supergrass" - The Sunday Telegraph 4**** "...unique and thrilling" Q 4**** "Brashly romantic punk pop" Time Out 5***** "Perfect pop without the pretence" NME 8/10 "'tunes that get under your skin after one listen. there's life in Brit-guitar pop yet." The Guardian 4****
The Bull & Gate
Wednesday 1st September 2010
Friday 11th September 2009
The Borderline
Wednesday 15th July 2009
Bucks Students' Union
Saturday 4th October 2008
Friday 7th September 2007
The Dublin Castle
Tuesday 11th April 2006
Pete & The Pirates To Headline The Bull & Gate On Sept 1
Saturday 24th July 2010
Fandango Favourites For Friday Fistful Fandango Festival
Friday 10th July 2009
The Week That Was & Pete And The Pirates Head Up Labelled With Love
Wednesday 27th May 2009
Watch: Pete And The Pirates
Thursday 2nd October 2008