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When Fandango is not putting on gigs at club fandango or releasing records on label fandango or trying to buy the bull and gate and launch pub fandango it sometimes finds a band it likes so much that it offers to manage them. This happened recently when a band called Habitats sent us some of their music. It was great so we offered them a gig. And then we thought bloomin eck they're really good. So we put out a single on Label Fandango and it went very well - their song Diamond Days charting in Lithuania above Adele, Pharrell, Daft Punk and the like....and so we met for a drink. And then we asked if we could marry them. And they said no no no its a bit much on a first date. We're not like that. So we went for another drink and got to know each other a bit better. And then we popped the question again. Not forever like...just for a while to try and get you to the next level and beyond. And the band said yes and lo Fandango Management was born...