Label Fandango Release 'medicines', The Debut Single By Northern Ireland's Ed Zealous Today!
Posted by Martyn, 12th Apr 2013
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Spring 2013 sees gig promoting stalwarts Club Fandango turn 12 years old. To celebrate this highly unlikely event their in-house record company Label Fandango is taking it upon itself to release 12 digital singles by 12 of their very favouritest new acts throughout this year, starting on April 8th with 'Medicines' by Northern Irish dance floor thumpers Ed Zealous. These singles will be available on a subscriptions basis through State 51s greedbag shop, with a bargainmungous payment of £7.99 ensuring receipt of all twelve singles. Or you can just buy the singles individually as and when they happen. Its really up to you.

Thereafter another eleven casually hand-picked combos will swagger into the download spotlight with the Label Fandango dreamers lining up a cavalcade of genre-crossing nubile pop pups to ply their wares throughout 2013. Theyll be moving with the times as well: Label Fandango was launched as a low budget seven inch singles label in 2006. However, just as it has recently been revealed that the Bull & Gate is to be shut down and turned into a gastropub in the summer, so this batch of releases will predominantly be of the digital download variety. Thats progress, folks.

Ed Zealous, then: not one man but four skinny-hipped hombres from Northern Ireland who mix thunderous beats with the sweetest of synths and the soariest of choruses. Medicines is released as a digital download on April 8th, but gig goers will be able to purchase a special compact disc version. Think a whiplashed (s)mash up between Pulp, The Prodigy and shitdisco with an added flash of A Flock Of Seagulls. Or, in their own wordsĶ

It seems that Belfast has proven to be the perfect breeding ground for the weird and wonderful of late, not least for Ed Zealous who have been secretly cooking up a storm. If local shows are anything to go by expect a future littered with wired dance floor fillers smothered in sizzling electronics with the thumping heartbeat of a heavy kick drum. Championed by Gary Lightbody as a slice of awesome electro that would fizz in your mouth if you took a bite, Medicines sees the band release their debut single from the forthcoming album recorded with producer Elliot James (Bloc Party, Noah & The Whale, Does It Offend You, Yeah?). Having opened 2013 by opening for friends Two Door Cinema Club at their homecoming show in Belfast, Ed Zealous are ready. Their time is now.

On Friday April 12th Ed Zealous play the Medicines single launch show at Belfast Stiff Kitten with support from Wonder Villians + Go Wolf + Not Square DJs. Doors 9.00pm, tickets £6.00 advance. More live shows TBA ADNĶ

Invented by parent company fierce panda and working on the simple ethos of 'all thrills: no frills' Label Fandango set itself up as the low cost lo-fi easyjet of indie record companies. Over the past six years it has released early, pivotal and just downright ace singles by The Heartbreaks, Broken Records, Air Traffic, Brinkman, Moths!, Fanfarlo, Films Of Colour, Hey Sholay, the mighty Dingus Khan and, most recently, Nadine Shah. Throw in debut tunes by Hush The Many (who evolved into Arrows Of Love), Freerunner (who begat Little Comets), Daggers (who reappeared as Hurts), add a sprinkling of other 'original artists' we're not allowed to mention here, stir and allow to simmer for half a decade. Serve with fresh bread and a cheeky indie wink.


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