Club Fandango Celebrate Their 12th Birthday 5-8th March At The Bull And Gate
5th March 2013

Life in Club Fandango towers is never, ever dull. Currently reeling from the news of the imminent closure of their home venue The Bull & Gate é─ý due to be gastropubbed after May 4th é─ý and already rolling with a plan to release 12 Label Fandango singles this year to celebrate turning 12 years old (starting with é─˛Medicinesé─˘ by Northern Irish techno tykes Ed Zealous on April 8th), now their thoughts are turning to their annual Fandangomonium anniversary hoedown. As is traditional with these things Team Fandango and various compatriots will be putting on a pawful of casually hand-picked new combos between March 5th and March 8th in Kentish Town. This is the last time Club Fandango, or indeed anyone, will be celebrating their gigging birthday at The Bull & Gate, so cherish these events, my friends. Some bands, some beers, some gentle alt.rock mayhem - ité─˘s not called Fandangomonium for nothing. Ité─˘s just called Fandangomonium, full stop.

Tuesday March 5th Bull & Gate Club Spangle presents

SLAVES (onstage 10.15pm) are two well-dressed youths from Kent who make a slam-happy punkblues palaver with a social conscience, as evinced by their recent sold out Old Blue Last show and the terrific and terrifically sweary 'White Knuckle Ride'.

YOUNG BRITISH ARTISTS (onstage 9.30pm) are four sonic dreamers from Manchester who've been going against the instantly gratified blog grain by painstakingly working on their sound over the past couple of years. The end result is a forthcoming album of heroic intelligence and frazzled energy which has us thinking of Doves singing The Walkmen.

WE THREE AND THE DEATH RATTLE (onstage 8.45pm) consist of one girl and two boys who create a fuzzy neo-grunge racket which makes itself heard on their 'Inpatients' / 'Split Lips' double aa-side single which is out the week of this show on the fascinatingly named PAW//PURR Records. Three days after this gig they are supporting Mike Watt of The Minutemen back home in Leicester.

HONEY hail from south east london and write jangley guitar pop songs with Johnny Marr-esque interweaving guitar lines. They unite 80s British indie influennces, like The Smiths, The Cure and Slowdive with 90s American college rock, like Pavement, Dinosaur Jr and Elliott Smith.

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Wednesday March 6th Bull & Gate: fierce panda presents Bamboozled THE HUMMINGBIRDS + GRASS HOUSE + THE LAKE POETS

THE HUMMINGBIRDS are a fivepiece acoustic ensemble from Liverpool, influenced by music from a simpler time. Capturing that quintessential Liverpool sound they seek to put an interesting twist on conventional folk and blues, bringing a modern skiffle sound to a more mainstream audience. They've played with The Lumineers. Oh, and their recent shows in London were a total riot.

GRASS HOUSE (onstage 9.30pm) are four men from Yorkshire who lurk down the shadowy corridors marked é─˛dark Americanaé─˘ and é─˛darkly poeticé─˘ and é─˛good old fashioned dark rocké─˘né─˘roll swaggeré─˘. They played our Pandamonium event in January and we are delighted to get them back here.

THE LAKE POETS (onstage 8.45pm) feature a man called Martin Longstaff (and often his friends) making honest and hauntingly emotive acoustic music in Sunderland. The Lake Poets have played a gig at Durham Cathedral, which is something we have never written before in a Club Fandango press release.

+ Special Guests

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Thursday March 7TH Bull & Gate: Symptomatic Presents

THE GREAT MALARKEY (onstage 10.00pm) present a raw documentation of friends, lovers, riots, night terrors and the Dalston job centre, an instrumental call to arms with lyrics that simultaneously sling an arm around your shoulders and punch you in the stomach. As you may or may not expect from a band who called their debut album é─˛The Case Of The Badly-Stuffed Animalsé─˘é─Â

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Friday March 8th Bull & Gate: Disorder Presents

ARTIFACTS (onstage at 10.15pm) are london-based alt-rock noisemakers, who bring together a concoction of electronic layers, wall-of-sound guitars and heartfelt crescendos to create soaring-yet-introspective laments. With time on their side and "a plethora of fragile moments" to win hearts and minds, the five-piece have been marked as a band to "surprise and grow" as they spread across London and the south east. Comprised of Patrick Fitzroy, Sam Upton, Mark Rivers, Craig Brown and Tom Doyle, Artifacts will launch their debut single in January 2013, and are planning a UK tour for early next year!
"They really are an exciting new find. Punctuated with dramatic, noisy guitar lines, haunting vocals and melodies; they deliver a plethora of fragile moments followed by sound scapes of pure ecstasy." - Artrocker
"Noisy guitars embellished with synths struck like percussion" - Clash

COASTAL CITIES (onstage 9.30pm) are five teenage friends from High Wycombe who Clash Music said play "joyous math-inflected guitar-pop". For sure, their 'The Voyage' tune is a casually funky indie hoedown with lovely twinkly hooks and extremely tidy cowbells.

PANDA CUBS (onstage 8.45pm) are from York and have developed a unique blend of contemporary pop with clear 80's experimental influences. Their dynamic use of downstroke syncopation coupled with soaring anthemic hooks and assertive vocals instantly defines Panda Cubs' "Dark-Pop" sound.
Panda Cubs Facebook Page

TIDAL WARS (onstage 8.00pm) are from Weston-Super-Mare but have already been clasped to the bosom of the burgeoning Bristol scene by dint of a cheery dalliance with the excellent Howling Owl records. Think doomed vocals, grumpy guitars, classic New Order t-shirts and a louche disposition. Welcome to the Bauhaus of fun indeed...

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