Tonight - Crc Music Group's Labelled With Love Night W/ Joyland + More @ Bull & Gate
22nd October 2012
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When: Tonight, Monday 22nd October
Where: The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town
Advanced tickets: HERE Attend on Facebook: HERE

As part of Labelled With Love Festival our friends at CRC will be demonstrating what makes them special by showing off three of their current signings. They are:

JOYLAND - 10.15pm
They began in the summer of 2011, as a way to realise their collective ideas and writings. Originally from the small village of Tyrella, Co. Down in Northern Ireland, they relocated to London to develop JoyLand. Soon they were joined by close friend and drummer Carvin Loen. Over the weeks of writing and recording, JoyLand fine-tuned their sound and became the band they are today. With a sound described by many as expansive, dark, epic and widescreen, JoyLand are fast gaining a reputation as a genuine hope for guitar-based music. Welcome to JoyLand.

MY GREY HORSE - 09.30pm
An alternative rock quintet formed by brothers John, Peter and Oobah Butler. Together with friends Tom Mott and Joe Nicklin, the five-piece began writing in mid-2008 and in late 2009 they began working on transforming the work into a live and working act.

The Newcastle three-piece, Tessera Skies, isthe eventual result of four years intermittent writing and recording between university studies. Coming from collective backgrounds in speech, sound, science, classical and jazz, they write music to satisfy their love of pop, ambience and the orchestral. The name was inspired by the meaning and interpretation, both artistically and scientifically, of the sky.

And it sounded quite nice.

Tickets: HERE Attend on Facebook: HERE