Get Your Kicks In 2006!
25th December 2005

Planning is everything. Fresh from Halloween and Guy Fawkes' Night we now gird our loins and fatten our lions for a month of Christmas parties and Yuletide terrors. And then what? The New Year Hangover strikes, that's what. With the music industry reluctant to break out of hibernation until the end of January the indie troopers are left walking the streets of London Town looking for something to do. That's entertainment, folks. Well, Club Fandango has decided that that ain't gonna happen this New Year, chumpers. Not by a long shot. Their alarm bells already ringing at the thought of a whole week without a decent gig to go to, those heroic chancers at CLUB FANDANGO are making plans for the first few days of new year and those plans involve promoting a slew of hipster gigs featuring all manner of sexy new leftfield underground-going-overground bands under the brazen banner of GET YOUR KICKS IN 2006, the line ups will be confirmed very soon.....