Do You Remember?: Les Savy Fav
24th November 2007

Welcome to the first in an erratic series of soundbites in which Team Fandango grabs a band member and sees what they can remember about playing a show from Fandango's past. We'll probably think of a better title for it at some point. Right now is not that point.

Target #1: Tim Harrington of LES SAVY FAV. He's the one with the impressive beard.
When did they play?: October 2001
Where did they play?: Dublin Castle

"We played under the name Let's Stay Friends. What I heard but hadn't saw was that Richard D James was at that gig, which was very exciting. I had just dyed my hair and beard black like some kind of Rasputin type [actually that was another gig, but we'll let that slide]. It was about five years ago and was good, but the most important thing is that it's where Let's Stay Friends was invented."

Photos from the gig in question.
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