Zulu Pearls
Zulu Pearls are, as you may expect from a band who list their home towns as Berlin AND Washington DC Zulu Pearls similarly list their influences as: “DIY, ‘60s, ‘70s, Hi-8, Hip-Hop, Super-8, drinks, drugs, etcetera.” Throw in a soupcon of ever-so-subtle blue collar rock action and y’all have yourselves a combo releasing their ‘Deluxe’ EP on Label Fandango on January 5th.
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Friday 9th January 2015 @ The Old Blue Last
Thursday 8th January 2015 @ The Black Heart
Wednesday 8th October 2014 @ The Black Heart
Tuesday 7th October 2014 @ The Old Blue Last
Tuesday 10th December 2013 @ Buffalo Bar
Friday 6th December 2013 @ 229