Dustins Bar Mitzvah
Dustins Bar Mitzvah - Labelled With Love #4 is brought to you by new label Hungry Kid. 'It was always going to take someone special to get Dustin??s Bar Mitzvah to sign on the dotted line and that special someone is Hungry Kid Records - a rookie label at present that shows great signs of making moves in the A&R game by the time you're probably reading this' enthuses Loud And Quiet magazine. 'It's not all spitting punk at this label though. As the Hungry Kid team put it themselves, ???we have an insatiable appetite for music. It doesn't matter what flavour it is, just as long as it tastes good.??? Like Transgressive, Melodic and Tough Love, Hungry Kid shows no sign of wanting to be a fashion accessory. Behind the scenes are music lovers who won't be dictated to. It's exactly why bands are chalking them up as a preferred label to approach.' ** DUSTINS BAR MITZVAH locked themselves in a room for six months in order to get really good at playing. Unfortunatly they has heft all the instruments outside and lost the keys. Years later they were great; they were playing all the top venues and had all the best songs. Then one night a thief broke into their makeshift caravan house and stole their shoes. Heartbroken, the boys knew they couldn't leave the house without shoes and therefore couldn't play gigs. After a day of confusion and sadness they hatched a plan. Having heard that you don't need a license to operate as a psychiatrist they set up offices in Dr Hillary Jones' shed. They paid him In ketamine. 'I fucking love ketamine' Dr Hillary said. Meanwhile Dave and the Wolfe wrote an song called 'Baby Cakes' and sold it to Three of a Kind, who existed of Baloo from the Jungle Book, a dwarf woman and Saracen from TV's Gladiators. Six months later, with new shoes, The Mitzvah were well and truly back. (note: some of this biog may not be true - Fandango legal ed.)