Data Panik
Data Panik formed from the ashes of the dear-departed Bis in early 2005 in a fashion not dissimilar to Christopher Lee rising from the dead as Dracula in Hammer Horror's classic 'Dracula Has Risen From The Grave'. Bis went mostly under-appreciated in their lifetime although the benefit of hindsight has recently led the Scottish public to voting 1997's 'The New Transistor Heroes' at No.4 in the Top 50 Scottish Albums Of All-Time list and a respectable No.16 in The Top 50 Scottish Bands Of All Time list. Many of 2005's upcoming Electro-Pop bands noticeably nod in Bis' direction stylistically. Debut 7in release 'Cubis (I Love You)/Sense Not Sense' are songs which stretch their new-wave, disco and electronic punk influences to the extremes. Comparisons so far have ranged from Devo and The B-52's to Rip, Rig and Panic and early Human League. To date, Rough Trade Records in London have sold 200 copies in one branch alone! The previous trio of Manda Rin, John and Steven are now joined by drummer Graham C and bassist Stuart Memo.