Kubichek release their debut on Fantastic Plastic on Aug 8th and are set to join The Rakes on a mini tour. They formed early 2004, locking themselves in a room and writing a shed load of abrasive ???????pop?????? songs. Emerging occasionally to play a handful of well received gigs around the North of England they are currently riding on the back of some very positive praise indeed. 'Most intriguingly however while Kubichek! rock like a proverbial illegitimate there??????s still more than a hint of their original dance-rock roots. This lot take a proportion of what The Longcut are doing right now and smashes it against the wall. The urge to shake one??????s hips to the hi hat??????s disco pulse is just as great as the urge to toss one??????s hormonally infused hair about.' - manchestermusic.co.uk. 'Fucking monumental' - NME