Little Brain Attack
Little Brain Attack é─˘s four leather rockers have always belonged to the same band without even knowing it. Before fate made them meet, they lost their minds at The Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubé─˘s concerts, they mistook the sound for the matter when listening to the Black Angels and opened the doors of perception while hearing the riffs of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Like a former Hell's Angel in a psychedelic state as he discovers LSD, Little Brain Attack is somewhere between The Velvet Undergroundé─˘s filthy rock and the Spacemen 3é─˘s epics on acid. A lascivious voice, a guitar indicative of the sixties, a bass covered in fuzz and heavy drums leading the battle. Their music tells us life, death, and everything in between: wasted love, blood, roads and dark glasses. "Buy the ticket, take the ride"