Six By Seven
Six By Seven are a Nottingham, England based rock band who formed in 1996, specialising in a brand of space-rock that fused the drones, propulsiveness and washes of noise of krautrock with the abrasiveness of punk. They have released six albums, along with several compilations of studio offcuts and live performances. Arriving at a time of stagnating but popular Britpop and Britrock, they were unique not only in sound but also in utilising a saxophonist for texture and in Sam Hempton choosing to attack his guitar strings with a drumstick instead of a plectrum. Although six.byseven were based in Nottingham, none of them came from Nottingham. They initially gigged under the name "Friends Of..." in 1992 while they were at college. After graduating, the band headed for Germany and spent several months playing and living in a one bedroom flat and travelling with a car and a caravan. After abandoning their equipment and returning home individually the band found themselves back together again and began rehearsing and writing new songs which led to the release of their first single 'European Me' which the NME described as one of the greatest d?©but singles of all time. six.byseven released their first album in May 1998 to widespread critical acclaim. Since this time the band have released 6 official albums, recorded 5 Peel sessions and toured extensively. Their highest commercial success was reaching number 46 with the single 'IOU Love' and a top 60 album with 'The way I Feel today'. Mark Beaumont in the NME proclaimed the band as being the best act at Glastonbury 2008. The band split up in November '08. In January '09 a collection of demos picked from the 50 or so written for the comeback album which was to become 'Just Because I'm Paranoid' was made available as a download at
Wednesday 1st May 2013
Six By Seven
The Machine Room
@ The Bull & Gate
08:00pm - £10 advance
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