Jesus Jones
Jesus Jones have faced a long journey since their first single in 1989. Hitting number one with their second album 'Doubt' in 1991, it's a journey that has seen peaks and troughs but has brought the band to a place free of the whims of the press and the restraints of fashion.

Everyoneé─˘s at it, these days, arené─˘t they? Reform, reunite, return. Well, with Jesus Jones thereé─˘s one crucial difference: they never actually split up. é─˙There was no é─˙musical differencesé─¨, no acrimonious breakupé─¨ says keyboard player Iain Baker. é─˙No burnt bridges to repair, nothing like that at all - weé─˘ve always been togetheré─¨.

This show promises to be an exclusive event, seeing the band play their much-loved debut album 'Liquidizer' in its entirety.

The Bull & Gate
Thursday 2nd May 2013
Jesus Jones To Play 'liquidizer' On 2nd May At The Bull & Gate For Play Your Respects!
Tuesday 2nd April 2013