Scholars are four friends from Hemel Hempstead with a passion for progression. They grew up listening to bands like Braid, Hundred Reasons, Death Cab for Cutie, The Faint and Tears for Fears. When they write songs they tend to leave traces of influences all over the place. But hopefully what they end up with just sounds like... Scholars. They are Sam, ruggedly good looking, talents ranging from singing to yelling to playing keyboard (and all things in between). Chris, a bass playing, deep-voiced and serious man who can also speak French. Tom, broad-shouldered, athletic and prone to penning novelty Christmas hits. Mike, who hits things with sticks. So far, they've been lucky enough to play with fine bands such as Tubelord, Data Select Party, Colour, Blakfish, Tellison, The Maple State, Outcry Collective and Furthest Drive Home. Theyre hoping to be in everybody's ears before music is made exclusively by robots in the not so distant future.