Dutch Uncles
Dutch Uncles are sub 20 years olds, pulling funny faces, wearing checked shirts, and playing tighter than the drainpipe jeans they're in. Andy (drums), Robin (bass), Pete (guitar) and Sped (guitar), mates since primary school, welcomed Duncan as the final member (vocals), after he arrived sogging wet, from a traipse across Marple Bridge, in the usual pissing rain. It was an audition that no-one could remember organising. The first single release off the Dutch Uncles debut album Face In, produced by Gareth Parton (The Go! Team, Foals, Pete And The Pirates), is a salty seaman stained tale from both side of the camera with the lyric - Im fixed over one eye questioning the very essence of control in a world of porn stars and teenage boys fantasies. Dutch Uncles was recorded at Clouds Hill Studios in Hamburg, Germany (home of their label: Tapete Records) and Fortress Studios, London in 2008.